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For your complete handyman services, contact Deluxe Handymans. We are a fast growing handyman services provider offering affordable rates. Contact us for outdoor and indoor home repairs. We also provide emergency response for home repairs and installations. At Deluxe Handymans, we offer fully qualified tradesmen with years of experience in providing different services.
We do not just offer repair services. We inspect, discuss with the customer what needs to be done and offer sound advice. We shall share ideas on how to best undertake the repair so as to ensure it offers a lifetime service. Before beginning the repair works, we draft a work plan and discuss with the customer to make sure that we deliver a custom solution that meets your standards. Our committed workmanship provides fast service delivery and completes the task within the shortest time possible. Throughout the project, we maintain an organized work plan to see to it that we deliver the work within the agreed timelines. Contact Deluxe Handymans your friendly, timely and efficient handyman.




Home Repairs

For your indoor and outdoor home repairs in Torrance, Deluxe Handymans Torrance is the best contractor you are looking for. We shall work tirelessly to ensure your home is a perfect place for you and your family. We believe in providing the best quality services and for every undertaking, we are committed to giving our customers honest advice and commitment making sure that the work is done right. Contact us today for excellent workmanship committed to ensuring all tasks are completed within deadlines. To us, timeliness and efficiency are important principles when undertaking home repairs in the Torrance area and its environs. Our trusted artisans shall deliver to best qualities while ensuring the customer is happy always.


Furniture Installations

Not all the furniture you purchase locally or online comes preassembled. To ensure your furniture is in the best condition, you need special tools for the assembly. Therefore, it is advisable that you hire an equipped handyman who has the right technical skills to ensure proper furniture assembly. Deluxe Handymans Torrance offers furniture installation/assembly services. We are also available to assemble your furniture when you move to a new location. At Deluxe Handymans Torrance, we respond within just a few minutes and shall be glad if you offered us an opportunity to serve you.


Basic Plumbing and Electrical Services

Deluxe Handymans Torrance provides you basic plumbing services. when it comes to clogged sewer lines, leaking kitchen sinks, fixing faulty toilets among other services, contact Deluxe Handymans Torrance. We offer basis repairs and installation of water systems for residential customers. When you hire us, you are guaranteed professional services and high standards in every task that we handle.
In addition, we provide electricians for your basic electrical installations and repairs. To fix a faulty wall socket, install circuit breakers and other basic electrical services contact Deluxe Handymans Torrance. We provide an on-time emergency response service at the best rates offer. Call our customer representatives for a free quote on plumbing or electrical services.

Tv Installation

TV Bracket Installation / Picture / Mirror Mounting

Deluxe Handymans Torrance shall mount your TV, pictures, and mirrors on the wall. To ensure professional mounting services, avoid hiring unqualified persons. Yes, they are cheaper, but then do not forget that in the long run, you might get into losses. Hire Deluxe Handymans Torrance for professional mounting services. We offer pocket-friendly services and respond quickly when called upon. We provide TV brackets suitable for LCD/LED and plasma TVs. we shall provide you the top, safest and best-fit solutions to your homes. Call us today for high-level service, and transparency.


Call Deluxe Handymans today for a free estimate. Our friendly customer service representatives shall listen to you carefully and send the best workmanship your way. You are just a call away from receiving the best services.

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